HELP! We’re running low on funds

I don’t constantly beg for money like people on YouTube. I don’t have 2 week long pledge drives, 4 times a year like National Public Radio. Indeed I barely ask at all.

But when there is not enough in the bank to pay for another month of broadcasting with Live365, I am FORCED to ask you guys to help out. I need to raise at least 200 bucks to cover monthly and yearly expenses. Yes, yearly ones occur this month as well.

Thanks everyone!



1 thought on “HELP! We’re running low on funds

  1. Hi there! Found you on SpaceHey. I don’t have much to give, but I sent 10 dollars your way and I hope it helps! I hope things end up okay. You might want to consider a social media presence on TikTok since the app is very music-centered and it seems like everyone and their momma is on there.

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