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This Is Halloween, KILLED by Broken Peach

Danny Elfman wrote the quintessential Halloween carol, “This is Halloween” for Tim Burton’s smash hit movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Every nerd knows the original. A lot of us have heard the song covered by the sicko whom is never mentioned. How excellent it is to have this new version — and a LIVE one at that.

I had never heard of the band, Broken Peach, until today. I suspect this track has gained them a lot of new fans since they first published this video in 2015. I love that they set up in a “dreary forest” and put on skull make-up. The supporting floor tom drums are the perfect finishing touch. BRAVO!

Heads Will Roll

I actually forgot about this song this year as I prepared the Halloween music. Needless to say I fixed this glaring omission this morning. The song rocks. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs rock. What else can I say? Lots.

As you may have guessed, the song is sung from the point of view of The Queen of Hearts, a character from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It was released in 2009 and ended up topping the charts in several countries. It hit number one in Belgium and on USA dance charts. It only hit 89 in the UK, so I guess the Brits were sleeping on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who hail from New York City.

The dancing werewolf in the music video resembles Michael Jackson, who died only 4 days before the single was released in The USA. Spooky time! This track has been a Halloween Favorite ever since!

The Witch Queen of New Orleans

Redbone released the song in 1971 as a single and on an the LP Message from a Drum. Band members and brothers Pat and Lolly Vegas wrote the song combining elements of Southern Swamp-Rock, Native Folk-Rock and Funk.

Redbone was the first all Native American band to reach number one on a singles chart in any country and it was with this song. “Witch Queen” reached number one in Belgium. It hit number two on the UK Singles chart. It got to 15 in Canada but only 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA.

The song is believed to be about a 19th century Voodoo practitioner named Marie Leveau. Because of the subject matter, the song has become a favorite for Halloween celebrations in the US, UK and Canada.

Here we see a non-official video for the song created by a television pop music chart show from Bremen, West Germany.

Black Magic (Hungarian) Woman

The song “Black Magic Woman” was made famous by Carlos Santana. It first appeared on his 1970 album Abraxas and then on various greatest hits compilations. The song hit number 4 in the US and Canada the same year.

The song was first recorded in 1968 by Fleetwood Mac. It was written by Peter Green, a founding member of the group.

When Carlos Santana decided to do the song, he created a medley arrangement that incorporated Gábor Szabó‘s 1966 instrumental “Gypsy Queen”, a mix of jazz, Hungarian folk and Latin rhythms. My mother is half Hungarian. She LOVES to tell people these details.

William Shatner IS Major Tom

Bill Shatner has taken a rocket to space and then returned to the planet surface safely. How exciting is that? When the press asked him about it, he said that everyone should try getting on a rocket.

Bill recorded both the original Major Tom song by David Bowie, and this sequel originally by Peter Schilling. Both tracks appeared on his 2011 album, Seeking Major Tom. This song is especially appropriate. Thanks for the all the great tunes Bill.

Boris, The Spider

This classic track by The Who was not intended to be specifically for Halloween celebration, but in the last two decades, it has been subsumed into the ever growing Halloween music repertoire. Check out the cool spidery cover art for the single. Also, did you know that most spiders people encounter are female? Assuming they are males is the old way. I don’t think that The Who were intending to be sexist of course, but maybe she should be Natasha, The Spider!

Belgian Band Organ

Enjoy the stereo sounds of a fully automatic mechanical nickelodeon glockenspiel player-piano robot beast from Belgium. It’s also a very strange and ornate piece of furniture.

At the time that this album was recorded this Muppet Show from hell was located at a weird roadside attraction called The Gay Nineties Village located in Sikeston Missouri. This item was sold as a keepsake to the many that visited the attraction. We found this record while digging through bins at a rummage sale.

“The Gay 90s Village, Inc. was in business since the 1950’s and was initially involved in acquiring and displaying Eakins collection of machines at the Million Dollar Museum in Sikeston and The Gay 90s Melody Museum located in St. Louis. Both museums were closed when Eakins sold the bulk of his collection to Walt Disney World in the late 1970’s.” (source)

Here’s the first track as recorded right off the vinyl. You are likely to find it familiar.

The record has a full Discogs entry. Here is the track list.


A1 Entry Of The Gladiators 2:18
A2 Washington Post March 2:26
A3 Over The Waves 2:41
A4 Double Eagle 2:17
A5 Du Kannst Nicht Treu Sein 1:25
A6 Pennsylvania Polka 1:30
B1 Stein Song 1:59
B2 Anchors Aweigh 1:27
B3 Blue Danube 3:00
B4 Yes, We Have No Bananas 1:37
B5 Rancho Grande 1:14
B6 Semper Fidelis 2:11