Public Access Cable Made Wayne’s World Excellent. The Muppets Took Manhattan and Space Ghost Went Coast To Coast. BenMonster Hosts Live Twitch TV World-Wide.

Imagine a show that takes inspiration from The Muppets, Wayne’s World and Space Ghost. Put that show in the present day with present day media capabilities. Make the show live and interactive. And unlike the other programs mentioned, forget the script. Invite the public to participate in real time.

That is what’s going on over at BenMonster TV. I was thrilled when they asked if they could sponsor the month of February on FunHouse Radio. Check out the promo spot they sent us!

Here is some background information about the producers.

“In 2018, buddies Ben and Don began live streaming their original show from a basement on Long Island, NY, and in 2020 they welcomed Gabe’s experience in content creation after they met him online and simply clicked.

“In the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, the quirky basement talk show exploded into a multi-coastal, virtual project of horror movie reviews (ControlAltDeath), game streams (Monster League Gaming, ControlAltDeath Gaming), and other oddities like “Keef M.D.,” a tongue in cheek advice show spotlighting one of the numerous characters that the trio and their diehard fandom have spawned.” (AP)

Live streaming television is coming of age. The popularity of this kind of programming is exploding. It reminds me of the kind of fun I had as a college radio DJ back in the 90s. There is something about a live broadcast that does not carry over to a scripted show.

Here is an episode to give you an idea about what the shows are like.

The fun group of weirdos stream live on and can be rewatched on later. Check out the website and the twitch channel.