Our Back Story

FunHouse Radio is owned and operated by “Wacky Alex”. That’s me. My real name is too difficult to spell unless you are a Ukrainian that has learned to read Hungarian. Trust me on that one. After operating an alternative station for 8 years, I decided to switch formats.

This FunHouse format is pretty much something I came up with for a radio production class at Oakland University in 1996. My old fart professor gave me an A+ for my final tape, noting that my unique style was great and that I was a natural.

In 2019, I looked around to see if anyone else was doing a format like this and I didn’t really find anything. I started as a non-profit public service with no commercials. Then the United States Congress changed the law on this in late 2020. I was forced to stop with the free station and rethink my path forward

A few months later I contracted with Live365 to handle royalties and advertising. So this station is legit now but technically classified as a business. It’s not what I had first intended but I guess that’s what’s up.

You should also know that I am LGBT and Autistic. I also have intestinal disease. As such it has been difficult for me hold down a day job. I need to seek alternate forms of income. I hope this does the trick. Please donate if you are able to do so.

If you like what you hear, let us know! and Tell a friends too!

Your Pal

Wacky Alex