“Batdance” by Prince

Today is National Super Hero Day! Caped crusaders, masked vigilantes, mutants, guardians, and immortal gods are all celebrated on National Superhero Day. The folks at Marvel created this yearly celebration back in 1995. Supervillains are not included.

If you are a cosplayer, today is the day to rock those tights!

Prince was involved in the promotion of Tim Burton’s Batman movie in 1989. Prince created an album based on the movie, but only one song was actually used in the movie, and for only a short time.

The video for “Batdance” is funky and strange. It should have been used an overture for the movie that appeared before the movie begins. Sadly this was not the case.

I would really like to know what went wrong. What didn’t they put much more of Prince’s music in the movie? If you know why let us know in the comments.

– Wacky Alex

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