Welcome to the WORST radio station in the solar system!

We feature Novelty Records, Parodies, Weird Covers, Deep Cuts, Humor and Nonsense. Tune in now to enjoy the oddest and most disorderly variety anywhere. 24 hrs a day.

Hear artists like: Allan Sherman, The Avalanches, The B-52s, Barnes & Barnes, The Beatles, Bart Baker, Beanpole, Beck, Brak, Mel Blanc, Cab Calloway, Cheech & Chong, The Dead Milkmen, Devo, Dr Evil, Dr Hook, Emergency Broadcast Network, Trey Parker, Frank Zappa, Garfunkel & Oates, George Carlin, Isaac Hayes, Ivor Biggun, The Jerky Boys, Jello Biafra, Jim Henson, Jimmy Fallon, Johnny Cash, Julie Brown, The Key of Awesome, King Missile, Kraftwerk, Leonard Nimoy, MC Hawking, Meatbeat Manifesto, Monty Python, Parry Gripp, The Ramones, Ray Stevens, Richard Cheese, School House Rock, Shel Silverstein, Spike Jones, Stan Freberg, The Three Stooges, They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Wally Pleasant, Was (Not Was), Ween, Weird Al Yankovic, William Shatner and a LOT more!

We like to surprise you, but if you get curious, here’s our list of recently played.