“I Like ‘Em Big And Stupid” by Julie Brown

If you heard this track on FunHouse Radio, it was off the LP Trapped In The Body Of A White Girl. I have a copy of the 1987 release in my vinyl collection. It was her second full length album. The track had been previously released as single in 1983. The song was featured in the movie Earth Girls Are Easy in 1988.

I remember Julie Brown most for her music, valley girl character and her Madonna parodies. Other may remember that her music was featured on The Dr Demento Show.

She’s done more than comedy music.

Checking out her Wikipedia reveals that she has had a surprisingly storied career in show business. She’s been in movies like Attack of the 5 Ft. 2 In. Women. She’s appeared in TV Shows like The Middle & Happy Days, She’s even voiced cartoon characters for Animaniacs!

12″ single cover design

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