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The Wonderful Belgian Band Organ

Enjoy the stereo sounds of a fully automatic mechanical nickelodeon glockenspiel player-piano robot beast from Belgium. It’s also a very strange and ornate piece of furniture.

At the time that this album was recorded this Muppet Show from hell was located at a weird roadside attraction called The Gay Nineties Village located in Sikeston Missouri. This item was sold as a keepsake to the many that visited the attraction. We found this record while digging through bins at a rummage sale.

“The Gay 90s Village, Inc. was in business since the 1950’s and was initially involved in acquiring and displaying Eakins collection of machines at the Million Dollar Museum in Sikeston and The Gay 90s Melody Museum located in St. Louis. Both museums were closed when Eakins sold the bulk of his collection to Walt Disney World in the late 1970’s.” (source)

Here’s the first track as recorded right off the vinyl. You are likely to find it familiar.

The record has a full Discogs entry. Here is the track list.


A1 Entry Of The Gladiators 2:18
A2 Washington Post March 2:26
A3 Over The Waves 2:41
A4 Double Eagle 2:17
A5 Du Kannst Nicht Treu Sein 1:25
A6 Pennsylvania Polka 1:30
B1 Stein Song 1:59
B2 Anchors Aweigh 1:27
B3 Blue Danube 3:00
B4 Yes, We Have No Bananas 1:37
B5 Rancho Grande 1:14
B6 Semper Fidelis 2:11

Take the Beatles Divorce Album Challenge!

John Lennon was once asked what the next Beatles album would have sounded like, and he suggested that the fans do something like this challenge. In this challenge, we ask you to piece together an imaginary final Beatles album.

You will be able to use any song by any of the solo albums or singles that each former band member that was recorded between 1969 to 1979. This does not include any officially release out takes such as material found on the Anthology series.

You will pretend that the album is a Vinyl release, one that follows the traditional Beatles “formula”. We’ve provided a template below. When you have come up with your album, leave it in the comments and share this page with your friends!

• 6 Songs Total
• First song must be upbeat
• Last song must be slow or a ballad
Two Songs from Paul
Two Songs from John
One Song from George
One Song from Ringo

• 6 Songs Total
• Last song must be slow or a ballad
Two Songs from George
One Song from John
One Song from Paul
One Song from Ringo
One Wild Card Song (something weird by John, George or Paul)

It’s not as easy as you might have thought! You might have to pull up Wikipedia or AllMusic. Please let us know what you come up with, and CHALLENGE A FRIEND (preferably a Beatles fan) Have Fun!