“Friday” by Bart Baker

It’s Friday and even if you are not a slut, maybe have a solo session. You’ve earned it.

Literally everyone loves to hate the song “Friday” by Rebecca Black. People hate it so much that the poor young lady has been bullied about it in real life. That’s not ok! What’s wrong with you people?

Rather than resort to violence, just make a YouTube video. Bart Baker claims on his YouTube channel that this is not a burn on Rebecca Black but we’ll let you be the judge.

The song is so terrible that even this parody making fun of the song is not listenable. If you make it passed the 1:00 mark than you are truly a wacky person and we are proud to have you as a listener. If not, thanks for trying.

By the way, if your daughter is too much of a slut for your taste, turn her on to FunHouse Radio. There is a good chance that her chastity will return after just 24 hours of listening.

screen capture