Expense Report

There are a lot of expenses to cover in bringing this radio channel to the world. Here is a list of them. With your support we can keep FHR running and even make improvements.

WordPress Hosting
The yearly bill for web hosting service has arrived. It covers the website and our content management system. This does not cover the audio and streaming server. That’s another topic entirely. Do you think you could chip in a few bucks to help pay this bill?

LIVE 365 Streaming Server
We are currently on the lowest cost beginner’s plan. That costs $59 /month. It gives us server space, the live radio-like audio stream, and global licencing with royalties. FYI – This system actually pays the artists much more than Spotify.

By this graph you can see that our Total Listening Hours are going to be used up before the end of the month.

Today is the 17th. If we were on pace, the Total Listening Hours (TLH) would be at 823. As you can see it’s already at 947. It means that we are in demand. That’s great, but it also means we need to upgrade our server package.

That’s not cheep. The next plan up the ladder is for 3500 TLH and it’s $135 /month which is MORE THAN DOUBLE what we pay now.


Computer Upgrades
Wacky Alex needs newer computers. One of the studio machines gave up this year. We save money and help the environment by using refurbished machines that cost in the ballpark of $100-$300 a piece. Not too bad right? Here is a machine we found on Amazon.

Audio Gear
FHR needs a new field recorder and a new turntable. Here are some examples.

Music & Skit Library
In addition to paying royalties, we have to purchase any music that was not given to us as a gift, or lent for promotional reasons. Most of what you hear comes from CDs, LPs, and even cassettes that were purchased (mostly used) and exist now in our collection. Sometimes we have to purchase mp3 downloads instead.

IFTTT Applets
We currently have a free account there. It would be great to get a pro account.

Internet Connection
At the moment our internet connection is just a basic residential package with a low monthly rate. Eventually FHR will be forced to upgrade and that increases the cost considerably.

PO Box
It’s $4.50 .month for a Post Office Box, and we need one.

There are a lot of expenses to running an online radio channel. This effort depends on donations from our listeners. We can’t do it without you!

Now you can donate with BuyMeACoffee. You can also get a fan club membership though them. If you prefer, we do still accept PayPal.

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