Belgian Band Organ

Enjoy the stereo sounds of a fully automatic mechanical nickelodeon glockenspiel player-piano robot beast from Belgium. It’s also a very strange and ornate piece of furniture.

At the time that this album was recorded this Muppet Show from hell was located at a weird roadside attraction called The Gay Nineties Village located in Sikeston Missouri. This item was sold as a keepsake to the many that visited the attraction. We found this record while digging through bins at a rummage sale.

“The Gay 90s Village, Inc. was in business since the 1950’s and was initially involved in acquiring and displaying Eakins collection of machines at the Million Dollar Museum in Sikeston and The Gay 90s Melody Museum located in St. Louis. Both museums were closed when Eakins sold the bulk of his collection to Walt Disney World in the late 1970’s.” (source)

Here’s the first track as recorded right off the vinyl. You are likely to find it familiar.

The record has a full Discogs entry. Here is the track list.


A1 Entry Of The Gladiators 2:18
A2 Washington Post March 2:26
A3 Over The Waves 2:41
A4 Double Eagle 2:17
A5 Du Kannst Nicht Treu Sein 1:25
A6 Pennsylvania Polka 1:30
B1 Stein Song 1:59
B2 Anchors Aweigh 1:27
B3 Blue Danube 3:00
B4 Yes, We Have No Bananas 1:37
B5 Rancho Grande 1:14
B6 Semper Fidelis 2:11

Pee-Wee’s Big 12 inches

I love having this LP. The record is a pretty red color. The cover art is fun, That being said, there are some concerns.

The audio has digital noise artifacts. Odd that we would hear digital noise on an Analog record. I question the sourcing and production quality here. The same problem can be found on the flip side. Side B contain’s Elfman’s score for Back To School. It is not nearly as good as the Pee Wee score.

The vinyl record is on a record label that I never heard of called Varese Sarabande. I wonder how they got their hands on the licence to make these. I would prefer an official release from Warner Brothers but I am still keeping this odd thing.

Wacky Alex

Artists & Bands We Play

Below is a list of some of the bands and artists that we play.

Adam Ant, Adam Sandler, Alice Cooper, Allan Sherman, Anthony Newley, Babylon Zoo, Barnes & Barnes, Bart Baker, Beanpole, Beck, Benny Bell, Bob Ricci, Brak, Cab Calloway, Carla Ulbrich, Charlie Drake, Cheech & Chong, Circuits or Gears, David Peel & The Lower East Side, The Chipmunks, Cirque du So What, Consortium of Genius, Da Yoopers, Danny Elfman, Dead Kennedys, Deee-Lite, De La Soul, Devo, Devo Spice, Dickie Goodman, Emergency Broadcast Network, Frank Zappa, Garfunkel & Oats, George Carlin, George Clinton, Hawkwind, Heywood Banks, Issac Hayes, Ivor Biggun, Jimmy Fallon, Joe J Thomas, Johnny Cash, Judy Tenuta, Julie Brown, King Missile, Kompressor, Kraftwerk, Land of The Loops, Lemon Demon, Leonard Nimoy, Lou Monte, MC Hawking, Meatbeat Manefesto, Mel Blanc, Mojo Nixon, Money Mark, Moneyshot Cosmonauts, Monty Python, Morning Sidekick, Negativland, New Christy Minstrels, Parry Gripp, Pat Boone, Paul Anka, Pizzicato Five, Power Salad, Primus, Projecy Sisyphus, Quincy Jones, Random Youtubers, Ray Stevens, Renaldo & The Loaf, Richard Cheese, Richard O’Brien, Robert Lund, Robin Williams, Sarah Silverman, Schoolhouse Rock, Scissor Sisters, Shel Silverstein, Shirley Ellis, Space, Spike Jones, Stan Freberg, Steve Googie, Sudden Death, Takako Minekawa, The Apples in Stereo, The Aquabats, The Avalanches, The B-52s, The Beatles, The Belle Isle Rates, The Coasters, The Dead Milkmen, The Great Luke Ski, The Jerky Boys, The Key of Awesome, The Marketts, The Three Stooges, The White Stripes, The Who, They Might Be Giants, Tim Cavanagh, Tim Curry, Tom Jones, Tom Lehrer, Trey Parker, TV’s Kyle, Twisted Cabaret, Violent Femmes, Wally Pleasant, Was (Not Was), Ween, Weird Al Yankovic, William Shatner, Worm Quartet, & More!

Who is doing this?

FunHouse Radio is owned and operated by “Wacky Alex”. That’s me. My real name is too difficult to spell unless you are a Ukrainian that has learned to read Hungarian. Trust me on that one. After operating an alternative station for 8 years, I decided to switch formats.

This FunHouse format is pretty much something I came up with for a radio production class at Oakland University in 1996. My old fart professor gave me an A+ for my final tape, noting that my unique style was great and that I was a natural.

In 2019, I looked around to see if anyone else was doing a format like this and I didn’t really find anything. I started as a non-profit public service with no commercials. Then the United States Congress changed the law on this in late 2020. I was forced to stop with the free station and rethink my path forward

A few months later I contracted with Live365 to handle royalties and advertising. So this station is legit now but technically classified as a business. It’s not what I had first intended but I guess that’s what’s up.

You should also know that I am LGBT and Autistic. I also have intestinal disease. As such it has been difficult for me hold down a day job. I need to seek alternate forms of income. I hope this does the trick. Please donate if you are able to do so. (check back for options on this next week)

If you like what you hear, let us know! and Tell a friends too!

Your Pal

Wacky Alex

Pleasant to Meet Wally

Wally Pleasant is a folk-rock musician from Michigan. He writes and performs humorous songs with 60s rock influences. Throughout the 1990s he was a fixture in the Greater Lansing Michigan indie-rock scene. The picture on the right was taken in the mid 1990s.

I first heard his music on WDBM, the student radio station in East Lansing. Shortly thereafter I was lucky enough to see him perform outside on a small stage in front of the Coffee House and Pizza Place. I was in college and I used to hang out with the punks, artists and potheads that frequented the area.

Wally was a teenage Republican. He wrote a song about it. In fact he first showed up at Michigan State University in East Lansing as a Political Science major. He had never played much music before college. He found that his powers of wit and observation carried over to song writing and his music career was unexpectedly born.

Wally was a few years older than I. I was also involved in the indy rock scene to some extent. I had helped organize two cafe crawl events. I got the bands booked at multiple venues in East Lansing. At some point I needed to create some business cards.

That’s when I ran into Wally. We were both at a Lansing OfficeMax copy center. He was making flyers. I was looking at business card options.

I was star struck but I had enough balls to say, “Hey, Aren’t you Wally Pleasant?”

We talked for a bit. I asked for an autograph which he gladly provided. He also suggested that I use the pizza guy logo for my business card. I’ll never forget it!

Now I am glad to be a part of a radio station that plays his music! Thanks Wally!

Check out his Discography at Discogs.

– Wacky Alex

Decency Standards

Some content my be inappropriate for children under 13.

This is still a work in progress, but we are aiming for a radio version of PG-13. Only the most extreme swear words are “bleeped”.

From time to time, one does get by us. This is not intentional. If you hear something you should not, please let us know!

Any message you may hear from our advertisers does not reflect on our views nor policies. We do not actually control advertising decency standards. This is handled by Live365.