Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons Wants You To Know All The Dirty Details About Weird Al Yankovic

Someone apparently used a VHS to record an episode of VH1 Behind The Music, including commercial breaks, as it aired on cable TV in 1999. The episode focuses on Weird Al Yankovic and treats us to interviews with Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo), Dr Demento, Doug Feiger (The Knack) and The Weird One, himself.

Many years later someone attempted to transfer the video cassette recording to digital. It seems to have been captured at slower and glitchy frame rates. The contrast is low so everything is grayed out. The sound quality is basic to bad. You can probably find the DVD in a public library if you really want. The YouTube title says “High Quality”. This is a lie.

Still, this beast is watchable and entertain. It helps if you are a fan of His Weirdness. Furthermore, it’s fascinating because of the commercials. It’s like a time capsule.

Do you think a Tampon or a maxi-pad could feel like a diaper? Do you remember what it feels like to wear a diaper? Well apparently this was a huge problem in 1999 and it needed to be addressed on VH1. Watch for the commercial in the video.

But why would a feminine hygiene product manufacturer want you to know about Weird Al? They didn’t. At the time there was a pretense that the companies running advertisements during live broadcasts were sponsoring the content that it interrupted. This was a carry-over from old time radio and early television.

We cover Yankovic a lot around here and his music is always in rotation on the live stream. We’ve even created a T-Shirt design in his honor. Order one today!

-Wacky Alex

“Money For Nothing / Beverly Hillbillies” by Weird Al Yankovic (from UHF)

May 15th is International Family Day. It was founded by the United Nations in 1994. What better way to mark the occasion then with a song about the Beverly Hillbillies? The poorest and most rural family imaginable becomes fabulously wealthy by a lucky strike. Hooray!

Weird Al included the music video in the 1989 movie UHF which he co-wrote and starred in. The film is now considered a cult classic and everyone should check it out. The song is a parody of “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits and the recording features guitarist Mark Knopfler.

-Wacky Alex

“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” by Sweet Brown

It’s been exactly 10 years since Sweet Brown, an Oklahoma City resident, became an internet sensation. People found her appearance on a news report to be endearing and entertaining. She was interviewed by a local TV station after evacuating her apartment building due to fire.

That report became a viral meme. In short order producers created dance tracks with auto-tuned samples from the news report. These too became music-memes. Below is one of the popular ones.

After the video was released, Brown became a minor celebrity. She stared in national commercials. She was on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 and was even played by Queen Latifah in a skit for Jimmy Kimmel. Beyonce quoted her at the Superbowl.

I hope her bronchitis cleared up.

-Wacky Alex

“Pets” by Porno For Pyros, LIVE on Howard Stern

The last Sunday in April is National Pet Parent’s Day. Do you have any pets? Do you consider them a member of the family? What if you were the pet? What if an Extra-terrestrial being with a higher intelligence decided to have you as a pet?

The legendary Perry Farrell pontificates on this very situation in this song. It’s a classic Gen-X top-40 rock song for sure but unlike most of the other songs in that category, this one is not about doom, apathy or emotional pain. It’s not even sarcastic.

Perry and the group played a live acoustic version of the song on the Howard Stern Show back in 1997.

Have a great day with your pets!

-Wacky Alex

“Miau Miau” by Stereo Total on The Network Awesome Show

How is it that we first hear a woman speaking English with a thick French accent and then she starts singing in perfect German? Stereo Total were a duo from Berlin. Françoise Cactus was raised in France before relocating to Berlin in the 1980s. Sadly she died of breast cancer in 2021. The other half of the duo, Brezel Göring is apparently from Berlin.

Both played a number of different instruments during their time as a group. They switched between and blended many different genres, but here we have them sounding something like The White Stripes with a stripped down garage-rock drum, vocal, and guitar performance.

Of course today is another #Caturday and this song is apparently about cat behavior but I think it’s really a metaphor about a cheating lover. We play the album version of the song on our live stream all the time. Love this!

This live performance was recorded in July of 2012 for a European TV show. MEOW!

-Wacky Alex

“White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, “live” on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

From what I can tell, the vocals are live. I think the music however is from the studio recording. The rest of the band is pantomiming. Things like this were common in the 60s and remain so today.

Next time you watch a singer on Saturday Night Live, ask yourself if the band is really in the mix. Chances are that they are not. Sometimes the performance looks and sounds truly live, but the band is just pantomiming to a recording they made on the same exact stage the day before. I’ll save the ethics conversation for later.

I am fairly certain that Grace Slick is really singing live to the audience here. In fact her performance is sublime.

Happy Easter! Follow the White Rabbit!

Public Access Cable Made Wayne’s World Excellent. The Muppets Took Manhattan and Space Ghost Went Coast To Coast. BenMonster Hosts Live Twitch TV World-Wide.

Imagine a show that takes inspiration from The Muppets, Wayne’s World and Space Ghost. Put that show in the present day with present day media capabilities. Make the show live and interactive. And unlike the other programs mentioned, forget the script. Invite the public to participate in real time.

That is what’s going on over at BenMonster TV. I was thrilled when they asked if they could sponsor the month of February on FunHouse Radio. Check out the promo spot they sent us!

Here is some background information about the producers.

“In 2018, buddies Ben and Don began live streaming their original show from a basement on Long Island, NY, and in 2020 they welcomed Gabe’s experience in content creation after they met him online and simply clicked.

“In the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, the quirky basement talk show exploded into a multi-coastal, virtual project of horror movie reviews (ControlAltDeath), game streams (Monster League Gaming, ControlAltDeath Gaming), and other oddities like “Keef M.D.,” a tongue in cheek advice show spotlighting one of the numerous characters that the trio and their diehard fandom have spawned.” (AP)

Live streaming television is coming of age. The popularity of this kind of programming is exploding. It reminds me of the kind of fun I had as a college radio DJ back in the 90s. There is something about a live broadcast that does not carry over to a scripted show.

Here is an episode to give you an idea about what the shows are like.

The fun group of weirdos stream live on and can be rewatched on later. Check out the website and the twitch channel.