“The All Chicken Restaurant” by Art Paul Schlosser

In his own words, “It’s a song I wrote for my 67 songs in less than 67 Minutes which is a song about a restaurant that everything taste like Chicken”.

Today is National Fried Chicken Day! So if you are allowed to eat fried chicken, have a great time! We’re going to eat some nuggets from the air fryer.

You might have heard us playing this goofy little ditty on the air.

“Square Dance Rap” by Sir Mix-A-Lot

Today is American Redneck Day. Y’all ready to get busy? I’m crazy therefore this was the first song that came to mind for the occasion.

Sir Mix-A-Lot had an album and singles out on the scene long before “Baby Got Back”. His album Swass came out in 1988 on the strength of their single “Posse on Broadway” which was not a a comedy track like this one. I had the album on cassette.

“Square Dance Rap” was actually released as a single. I first heard the song on the radio but was a different mix. The version that appeared on the album had some editing done to it that makes it a little more goofy.

My fifth grade teacher managed to get our class to square dance back in 1985. Square dancing was really a thing in American culture, even as recently as the 1980s. The photo above was found on this great article about the square dancing fad. It’s from 1986 and shows an Ohio square dance club enjoying one of their twice monthly dances.

Have you ever learned to Square Dance? Let us know in the comments.

-Wacky Alex

“Blame Canada” by Robin Williams LIVE at The 1999 Oscars

This was supposed to be the song of the day for yesterday. July 1 is Canada Day and this time it’s actually Canada’s fault that we are a day late posting this blog.

Blame Canada. Yesterday several fans from Canada decided to send up compliments on Discord. They kept distracting me with all the nice things they kept saying about the station. I was supposed to be getting my work done but Canada decided to interrupt me. I can’t help it. It’s Canada’s fault!

The video on this page looks like it came from a VHS tape of the live program. I have never seen a professional release of this. I hope they don’t take it down. I’ve been a Robbin Williams fan for most of my life. I was very sad to learn of his death.

The photo above is by Bruce Reeve/CBC. You can blame Canada for that too, although I added Robin’s face.

How do you like to celebrate Canada Day? Do you play certain songs? Let us know in the comments.

-Wacky Alex

“Ad Infinitum” by The Stupendium, Spamton G Spamton’s Theme from Deltarune

I asked people to name a funny techno song. This is one of the first suggestions to slide in. I loved it right away. Salesmen are often pretty slimy. Con artists are even worse. I love it when market mania is mocked. I love satire. The video is great too. More please.

The Stupendium is a musician, animator and content creator, creating weird, wonderful and usually incredibly nerdy songs and animations.

This song is part of a Video series, Toby Fox’s Deltarune. The song is rapped/narrated by a character from the series called Spamton G. Spamton. The character has become a popular subject of memes.

Thank you Stupendium. I can feel the cash vibes flowing through me. I just know FunHouse Radio will soon receive a windfall of investments in the near future!

-Wacky Alex

“Corporation” by Jack White

I have a lot to say about Jack White. I’ll try not to spend all day on this!

First of all, I knew the guy back in the day. Jack was known as John back then but I will continue to use the name Jack for the sake of simplicity. He and I went to both the same grade school and high school. I was one grade ahead of him. I didn’t know him in grade school. We met in High school.

The grade school was actually part of a Catholic Church complex called Holy Redeemer. Jack appeared in a movie that was filmed on location. He played an alter boy in Rosary Murders in part because he was an alter boy in real life.

About one hundred members of the church community were invited to play church goers as extras. I got to be part of that crowd. Filming was a lot of fun. I was way in the back so you won’t see me in the movie.

Just like Jack, I had considered going to seminary school in Wisconsin but ultimately decided to go to public high school. We both ended up at Cass Technical in Detroit. I first met him in his second or third year. I wasn’t cool enough to get invited to watch his band practice but some mutual friends got to see them.

I remember asking Jack if his band could play at an environmentalist demonstration. He said maybe, but the band didn’t show up. I also remember asking him if he liked the new classic rock radio station, WCSX. He told me that he liked it but they played “Oye Como Va” by Santana way too often. I agreed but yeah, good song.

After high school, I went off to Michigan State and Jack went to work as a furniture repairman. While still in college, I tried to do what Jack ended up doing. I recorded music and tried to start a corporation, that is, a record label and promotions business. It went nowhere fast. I had naive dreams. Jack has the real talent to do it, obviously. I admire him.

We play “Corporation” on the air all the time because it is a bit odd. It reminds me of the excitement a child feels when the ice cream truck shows up on your street. The more serious meaning of the lyrics though strikes a chord with me personally. I own this track on vinyl. I purchased the LP Boarding House Reach at Third Man Records in Detroit.

I wish I could say I took the photo below but I found it in this very cool article on TapeOp about his record pressing plant.

What is your favorite Jack White track? Have you met him? Tell us your Jack White story in the comments.

-Wacky Alex

“Call Any Vegetable” by Frank Zappa And The Mothers of Invention

Today is National Eat Your Vegetables Day. Don’t let us down! I just had some carrots. Let Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention inspire you to eat a more healthy diet while they feed your head.

Zappa explained the meaning behind the song in Absolutely Free: The Complete Libretto:

“The best clue to this song might lie in the fact that people who are inactive in a society … people who do not live up to their responsibilities are vegetables. I feel that these people, even if they are inactive, apathetic or unconcerned at this point, can be motivated toward a more useful sort of existence. I believe that if you call any vegetable it will respond to you.”

So go eat a salad or prepare a veggie plate. Something. JEEZ.

-Wacky Alex

“Take Me Out to The Overpriced Ballgame” by Carla Ulbrich

Today is National Softball Day. Taking the family out to a softball game will not end up costing you two week’s salary, unlike a baseball game at a major stadium. Carla Ulbrich brings the rage in the form of a hilarious yet hypnotic waltz. This rather sarcastic tune was released on The Fump Vol 81 in 2020.

According to this article from 2021 :

Cost To Attend Wrigley Field: $177.14

  • Two tickets: $118.98
  • Two hot dogs: $13
  • Two beers: $19
  • Parking: $26.16

These were the figures from last year, before the inflationary events. We did not find this year’s figures, but they are probably be even higher.

“One of the truly historic stadiums in baseball history, only Fenway Park has a longer history than Wrigley. But, if you want to enjoy your Old Style and the ivy-covered outfield walls, it’ll cost you. Those Old Styles, for starters, are coming at the highest beer price in baseball. And if you’re thinking you can just skip the concessions stand and not end up spending too much at a Chicago Cubs game, think again — ticket prices are also the highest in baseball.” (Andrew Lisa)

By the way, the image above was found on a page titled “Confessions of a Ballpark Food Vendor” It’s a great read. Check it out.

Would you rather go to a softball game or maybe just watch a baseball game on television? How are you dealing with the high cost of sporting events? Let us know in the comments.

-Wacky Alex

“Istanbul (not Constantinople)” by They Might Be Giants

Hooray!! It’s National Falafel Day! Nearly every Turkish restaurant (outside of Türkiye) offers this delicious fried chic-pea dish. Conversely, people living in Türkiye do not frequently consume the dish. It’s not really a Turkish food. Unlike in The Middle East, Falafel is not served as street food in The Republic.

The City of Istanbul was once called Constantinople. Türkiye was formerly known as Turkey. Now it’s Türkiye not Turkey. Why did Turkey get the works?

The version by They Might Be Giants appeared on the album Flood which was released in 1990. It also appeared in an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.

The song was first made famous in 1953 by The Four Lads.

The most recognizable landmark in The City of Istanbul would be the Haga Sofia. Below is a photo I found from “7 Interesting Facts About Haga Sofia“. First it was a Church then a Mosque. Then it became a Museum and then a Mosque again. They switch things up a lot.

Hagia Sophia domes and minarets in the old town of Istanbul, Turkey, on sunset

What food do you eat that has been wrongly lumped in with a certain culture’s cuisine? Tell us about it in the comments.

-Wacky Alex