“Take Me Out to The Overpriced Ballgame” by Carla Ulbrich

Today is National Softball Day. Taking the family out to a softball game will not end up costing you two week’s salary, unlike a baseball game at a major stadium. Carla Ulbrich brings the rage in the form of a hilarious yet hypnotic waltz. This rather sarcastic tune was released on The Fump Vol 81 in 2020.

According to this article from 2021 :

Cost To Attend Wrigley Field: $177.14

  • Two tickets: $118.98
  • Two hot dogs: $13
  • Two beers: $19
  • Parking: $26.16

These were the figures from last year, before the inflationary events. We did not find this year’s figures, but they are probably be even higher.

“One of the truly historic stadiums in baseball history, only Fenway Park has a longer history than Wrigley. But, if you want to enjoy your Old Style and the ivy-covered outfield walls, it’ll cost you. Those Old Styles, for starters, are coming at the highest beer price in baseball. And if you’re thinking you can just skip the concessions stand and not end up spending too much at a Chicago Cubs game, think again — ticket prices are also the highest in baseball.” (Andrew Lisa)

By the way, the image above was found on a page titled “Confessions of a Ballpark Food Vendor” It’s a great read. Check it out.

Would you rather go to a softball game or maybe just watch a baseball game on television? How are you dealing with the high cost of sporting events? Let us know in the comments.

-Wacky Alex