“Savoy Truffle” by The Beatles with George Harrison on Vocals

“National Truffle Day is celebrated annually on May 2. A dictionary search of the word ‘truffle’ may bring up a subterranean fungus, but that isn’t what we’re celebrating. Right now, we are honoring the great truffle — a beloved chocolate dessert. It comes with finger-licking surprises ranging from added fruits and nuts to cream centers. This holiday is also an opportunity to show off your culinary skills to entertain friends and family. Children will take particular pleasure in this holiday — just make sure to keep them away from the main stash, lest they get a sugar high.” (National Today)

“Savoy Truffle” was written by George Harrison and it first appeared on The Beatles’s White Album in 1968. George’s pal Eric Clapton had a fondness for sweats. Apparently that, plus a warning about tooth decay, is the inspiration for this track.

Are you ready for desert? I didn’t make it through the song. I’m already eating some chocolate in my mind. What is your favorite sweet treat?