“The All Chicken Restaurant” by Art Paul Schlosser

In his own words, “It’s a song I wrote for my 67 songs in less than 67 Minutes which is a song about a restaurant that everything taste like Chicken”.

Today is National Fried Chicken Day! So if you are allowed to eat fried chicken, have a great time! We’re going to eat some nuggets from the air fryer.

You might have heard us playing this goofy little ditty on the air.

“Man With A Tan” by Wally Pleasant

Wally Pleasant was a student at Michigan State University when he first started making up songs with his guitar. This is one of the originals and it’s perfect for the start of summer. It’s on the summer playlist here as well.

I got a chance to play his music on WDBM when I was a student DJ there. Then I saw him play live, solo, in front of the cafes in East Lansing. One day I ran into him at Office Max. He’s a funny dude.

Here’s an image of a Tan guy in Israel from Huck Magazine.

Do you sunbathe? Do you use sunscreen or enhancers? Let us know in the comments.

-Wacky Alex