“This Is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas by Broken Peach Live in The Woods But Dead

Danny Elfman wrote the quintessential Halloween carol, “This is Halloween” for Tim Burton’s smash hit movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Every nerd knows the original. A lot of us have heard the song covered by the sicko whom is never mentioned. How excellent it is to have this new version — and (sort of) LIVE.

Broken Peach is dolled up in death skull makup and play the song live to tape on an overcast day in the woods somewhere. The supporting floor tom drums are the perfect finishing touch.GloOooOoMY.

still shot from the video

I suspect this track gained them a lot of new fans since its was first published in 2015.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller Video Was Re-imagined in India – Then Japan Remade The Remake – Then A Remix – An Uncanny Cascade of Undead Events

First there was the Thriller Video by Michael Jackson. You know it. You love it. It was a big hit on MTV when it first came out in 1984.

The dance routine in the original video is sublime and the most famous part of the video. Countless recreations have occurred in professional stage shows, school performances, Rocky Horror Picture Show local cast pre-shows, and so on.

A movie director in India decided to make a knock-off tribute called “Goli Maar” the next year. It was part of a movie called Donga

There are a number of crude uploads to YouTube, None of them are in great shape. The audio quality is always crap. The song does not appear to be available for digital download on Amazon. I wish the original recording would resurface so we can get a proper remaster. I consider it a cult-classic.

This versions is not too bad but they over saturated the colors.

Then a dance group in Japan remade the video (but not the song) in 2009.

Wait there’s more! Somebody did a remix/mashup in 2015. Somehow the video quality is best in this version.

Have a happy Halloween and do share this little story with your favorite wacky Halloween lover.

31 Nights of Halloween – Spooky Music Every Night in October

FunHouse Radio is dying to announce our 31 Nights of Halloween. Every night in October we play the weirdest and most entertaining music with a Halloween Theme. It begins at 6:00 pm and ends at 6:00 am CDT each day until Monday October 24. Then we switch to 24 hrs of Halloween music.

Why did we do it this way? We held a poll of our listeners on Twitter leading up to this. There was not a strong consensus as to how much Halloween music to play. So This is what we came up with.

Fans of the standard format can listen in the daytime. Fans of Halloween music can listen at night. Happy October!

To listen just visit the homepage at FunHouseRadio.com

Amusing Halloween Memes, Photos & Comics to Get You in The Spooky Mood

Here is a small collection of memes, comics and photos. I found most of them last year so you might have seen many of them already. Most of these were posted to the Twitter and Tumbler accounts. Feel free to steal them.

Don’t forget to tune in to FunHouse Radio when the calendar says October. You’ll hear the greatest Halloween songs of all time. It gets EPIC during the last week.