“TANG (Never Went To The Moon)” by Jimi James

It’s hard to find something funny to be the song of the day for Earth Day, but I think we’ve got it!

Jimi James is a Flat-earther. This video is designed to convince the public that The Earth is flat. Don’t confuse him with legendary producer Jimmy Jam.

The orange flavored sugar drink named “Tang” was used by early NASA crewed space flights. In 1962, John Glenn conducted eating experiments in orbit. Tang was on the menu. It was then used on other missions.

Jimi James would beg to differ. He also wants to remind us that “tang” is a vulgar slang word for vagina.

The video is age-restricted on YouTube so follow this link to listen.

By the way, the astronaut seen on the image above is Buzz Aldrin, the second person to set foot on the moon. He thinks Tang sucks.

-Wacky Alex

“Bananaphone” by Raffi

Yes, you can buy a telephone that is in the shape of a banana. A quick google search reveals dozens of devices, covers and props.

Today is National Banana Day. We all love them here at FunHouse Radio. As a small child, I could be spotted with one frequently because my grandmother constantly fed them to me. My friends would tease me about it. They would call me names like “Banana Boy”.

The song called “Banana Phone” has been recorded at least a dozen times. Here is the most well-known of all the versions. It’s by Raffi and was recorded in 1994. There does not appear to be an official music video, but here is a fan-made lyric-video! We play this track on the live audio stream all the time!

Happy National Banana Day!