“Blame Canada” by Robin Williams LIVE at The 1999 Oscars

This was supposed to be the song of the day for yesterday. July 1 is Canada Day and this time it’s actually Canada’s fault that we are a day late posting this blog.

Blame Canada. Yesterday several fans from Canada decided to send up compliments on Discord. They kept distracting me with all the nice things they kept saying about the station. I was supposed to be getting my work done but Canada decided to interrupt me. I can’t help it. It’s Canada’s fault!

The video on this page looks like it came from a VHS tape of the live program. I have never seen a professional release of this. I hope they don’t take it down. I’ve been a Robbin Williams fan for most of my life. I was very sad to learn of his death.

The photo above is by Bruce Reeve/CBC. You can blame Canada for that too, although I added Robin’s face.

How do you like to celebrate Canada Day? Do you play certain songs? Let us know in the comments.

-Wacky Alex

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