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“Viva Las Vegas” by Dead Kennedys, first made famous by Elvis Presley - Las Vegas, Nevada is facing a water crisis. Things are not looking good. I think this shows that efforts to terraform other planets in the future may prove successful at first but ultimately fail. The song “Viva Las Vegas” was … Continue reading
“Would You Like To Buy An O” by Frank Oz & Jim Henson as The Salesman & Ernie - Unless you are Generation X or older you are not likely to understand the humor in this skit from classic Sesame Street featuring Frank Oz and Jim Henson as Muppet characters: The Salesman and Ernie, respectively. In the 20th century, … Continue reading
“Sucking On A Chili Dog” parody of “Jack & Diane” by John Mellencamp - Hell yeah! It’s National Chili Dog Day. You may know that I am from Detroit. What most people call a “Detroit-style” chili dog, we actually call a “Coney-Dog”, “Coney” or even “Coney Island”. This style of hot dog was actually … Continue reading
“Big Lizard” by The Dead Milkmen - This is basically the title track to an amazing album Big Lizard in My Backyard. Of course it contains their big hit “Bitchin’ Camero”. I also love “Swordfish”, “Right Wing Pigeons”, & “Nutrition”. It’s a blast to just listen to … Continue reading
“Vibrator” by Prince & Vanity – Unreleased 1983 Demo – Yeah THAT kind of Vibrator - The song was written by Prince for Vanity 6 back in 1983. It was intended to appear on the second Vanity 6 album timed to release around the same time as the movie Purple Rain. Vanity (the singer) and Prince … Continue reading
“Tequila” by The Champs (as seen in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure) PLUS Collecting The Vinyl & Cassettes - Today is National Tequila Day and I can’t think of a better track to mark the occasion. I don’t drink hard liquor anymore but I used to enjoy Tequila shots. “Tequila” by The Champs was first released in 1958 and … Continue reading
“Galactic Mermaid” by Sho Hikino - PURE PROFANITY. This song probably breaks the record for the most swear words ever to be intentionally included in the lyrics. It’s so bad that I can not play it on the live radio stream. It’s impossible to bleep this … Continue reading
“Tight Pants / Body Rolls” by Leslie Hall - This Leslie character has no shame. I like it. Let me go slip into my spandex for the day. Watch out for my no-ass and huge gut. I hope Lizzo invites Ms Hall to collaborate soon! Maybe do a remix … Continue reading
“Hip To Be The Sandman” a mashup of “Hip To Be Square” by Huey Lewis & The News and “Enter Sandman” by Metallica - Created by Bill McClintock, here we have a strange combination of musical styles that never quite mesh. Party-pop vs a thrasher. It’s entertaining to say the least. And there is a lot more where that came from. I did embed … Continue reading
“Fraggle Metal” by Leo Moracchioli – A Heavy Metal Version of The Fraggle Rock Theme - You need this if you are old enough to remember Fraggle Rock. Either way it’s great. PLUS it’s METAL! YEAH! We’ve been following Leo Moracchioli and his Frog Leap Studios YouTube Channel for years now. This guy is the best. … Continue reading
“Boa Constrictor” by Johnny Cash - What better song to listen to on World Snake Day? “Boa Constrictor” was written by Shel Silverstein. Johhny Cash covered the song for his comedy album Everybody Loves A Nut in 1966. The lyrics later appeared in a collection of … Continue reading
“Jocko Homo” by Devo - It’s hard to call a song by Devo a favorite because I have like 20 of them. This one is from the very early times of the band. The music video is delightful. The sounds and music are weird. This … Continue reading
“Stacy’s Dad” by Sub-Radio parody of “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne - It’s always fun to see a hetero love song flipped into a gay one. If the singer can’t manage to jump on Stacy’s Dad, he can call me anytime. Sub-Radio is the name of the Washington DC area band. They … Continue reading
“Sing A Simple Song” by Sly & The Family Stone - Today is National Simplicity Day. This track fits perfectly. Released in 1968, it was actually a b-side for the number one hit single “Everyday People”. The b-side surely helped the a-side to top the charts. It’s considered a hit in … Continue reading
“Here Kitty Kitty” by Joe Exotic (The Clinton Johnson Band) - July 10 is National Kitten Day. Ogden Nash famously said, “The trouble with a kitten is that it eventually becomes a cat. Two years ago we were all shut in watching Tiger King. Even I was sucked into a binge … Continue reading
“Fashion” by David Bowie - It was 1980. This video is really more of a music film. The music video had not yet been invented. You can see the production value is not up to the level of the music videos that came out only … Continue reading
“Go Go Mario” by Princess Peach (maybe) Hiroko Taniyama - I can’t think of a better track to celebrate National Video Game Day. The story behind this track is pretty interesting. It’s hard to track down the original recording of this song because it’s been redone a number of times … Continue reading
“The All Chicken Restaurant” by Art Paul Schlosser - In his own words, “It’s a song I wrote for my 67 songs in less than 67 Minutes which is a song about a restaurant that everything taste like Chicken”. Today is National Fried Chicken Day! So if you are … Continue reading
“I Like ‘Em Big And Stupid” by Julie Brown - If you heard this track on FunHouse Radio, it was off the LP Trapped In The Body Of A White Girl. I have a copy of the 1987 release in my vinyl collection. It was her second full length album. … Continue reading
“White Rabbit (Go Ask Alice)” by Jefferson Airplane, “live” on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour - July 4th is Alice In Wonderland Day. The occasion is celebrated by Lewis Caroll fans around the world, but especially in England. Why July 4? According to his diary, July 4th 1862 was the day he started telling his rabbit-hole … Continue reading
“Square Dance Rap” by Sir Mix-A-Lot - Today is American Redneck Day. Y’all ready to get busy? I’m crazy therefore this was the first song that came to mind for the occasion. Sir Mix-A-Lot had an album and singles out on the scene long before “Baby Got … Continue reading
“Blame Canada” by Robin Williams LIVE at The 1999 Oscars - This was supposed to be the song of the day for yesterday. July 1 is Canada Day and this time it’s actually Canada’s fault that we are a day late posting this blog. Blame Canada. Yesterday several fans from Canada … Continue reading
“Camera” by Karl Bartos - Today is National Camera Day. I can’t think of a more perfect song to mark the occasion. You may remember Karl Bartos from his work with the band Kraftwerk. This track comes from Karl’s 2005 solo album Communication. The entire … Continue reading
“I Can Only Count To Four” by Psychostick, Parody of “Bodies” by Drowning Pool - Knock-Off “Muppets” go metal to tell the world about their arithmetic angst. You know it’s frustrating when you can only count to four (unless you are a punk-rock drummer). The band called Psychostick made this hilarious parody of of “Bodies” … Continue reading
“Ad Infinitum” by The Stupendium, Spamton G Spamton’s Theme from Deltarune - I asked people to name a funny techno song. This is one of the first suggestions to slide in. I loved it right away. Salesmen are often pretty slimy. Con artists are even worse. I love it when market mania … Continue reading
“Kiss” by Tom Jones & Art Of Noise (Prince cover) – The 14th Most Danceable Song Of All Time! - Today is National Kissing Day. Can you think of a more appropriate song for the occasion? We love covers here. Who better to cover than Prince? This track was released back in 1988 only two years after the original. It … Continue reading
“Corporation” by Jack White - I have a lot to say about Jack White. I’ll try not to spend all day on this! First of all, I knew the guy back in the day. Jack was known as John back then but I will continue … Continue reading
“Call Any Vegetable” by Frank Zappa And The Mothers of Invention - Today is National Eat Your Vegetables Day. Don’t let us down! I just had some carrots. Let Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention inspire you to eat a more healthy diet while they feed your head. Zappa explained the … Continue reading
“Feelin’ Groovy” by Liberace And The Young Folk on The Red Skelton Hour 1968 - “This is a perfect example of how network television was totally out of touch with what was going on in the 60’s and early 70’s.” -Dane F “This is how the generation gap ended. All the kids loved hanging out … Continue reading
“Take Me Out to The Overpriced Ballgame” by Carla Ulbrich - Today is National Softball Day. Taking the family out to a softball game will not end up costing you two week’s salary, unlike a baseball game at a major stadium. Carla Ulbrich brings the rage in the form of a … Continue reading
“Istanbul (not Constantinople)” by They Might Be Giants - Hooray!! It’s National Falafel Day! Nearly every Turkish restaurant (outside of Türkiye) offers this delicious fried chic-pea dish. Conversely, people living in Türkiye do not frequently consume the dish. It’s not really a Turkish food. Unlike in The Middle East, … Continue reading
“99 Words For Boobs” by Robert Lund (Parody of “99 Luftballoons” by Nena) - Sun’s out, jugs out. It’s that time of year. The laddies are letting them show. Celebrate the summer blooms with Robert Lund. He’s the nutty creator of this track. According to discogs, this track has been released on three different … Continue reading
“Cheese Roll Call” by Pinky & The Brain - Celebrate National Cheese Day with this classic cartoon and song from Pinky & The Brain. Pinky points out that there are so many different kinds of cheeses in the world that it’s actually quite bizarre. The song itself is sung … Continue reading
“Picnic In The Summertime” by Deee-Lite - June 1st is considered the first day of meteorological summer in North America. I think we could all use a picnic with a chill vibe right now. With DJ Towa switched out for ANI, we have a sequenced track in … Continue reading
“Theme from Star Trek” by Nichelle Nichols, Recorded in The Early 90s - What makes this track interesting is the production value. It firmly locks the sound into the early 1990s. Clearly the backing track was created on budget synthesizers. You can hear the influence of 1980s new wave, but now it’s a … Continue reading
“Highly Illogical” by Leonard Nimoy - Vaguely channeling his Star Trek character, Mr Spok, Leonard Nimoy gave us a sarcastic critique on western capitalism and hostile marriages. Was he angry about something? The background music is deceptively whimsical with harp, saxophone, and flute. I can barely … Continue reading
“Major Tom (Coming Home)” by William Shatner - The unofficial “part two” of The Major Tom Saga, this song was written and first made popular by Peter Shilling in 1983. You may have heard the 2009 version by Shiny Toy Guns. Shatner released this version in 2011 as … Continue reading
“Man With A Tan” by Wally Pleasant - Wally Pleasant was a student at Michigan State University when he first started making up songs with his guitar. This is one of the originals and it’s perfect for the start of summer. It’s on the summer playlist here as … Continue reading
“Just The Two Of Us” by Mike Myers as Dr Evil - Happy Birthday to Mike Myers, one of our favorite funny guys. Myers turns 59 today, assuming they use the same calendar up in Canada. (just kidding) The second Austin Powers movie is considered by most to be the best of … Continue reading
“Somebody Farted” by Bobby Jimmy and The Critters (pissed all over MC Hammer) - Have you ever walked into someone’s bedroom and became immediately aware that they had been farting all night and they are badly in need of ventilation? That’s happened to me this morning. Or maybe you got stuck in an elevator … Continue reading
“Do The Swim” by Bobby Freeman - Hear the brilliant production of Sly Stone in this number one hit for Bobby Freeman. By late 1964, this track beat out The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Ventures, Jan & Dean and Dusty Springfield. You can already hear Sly … Continue reading
“Quiche Lorraine” by The B-52s Live at The Capitol Theater Passaic New Jersey 1980 - Here we have the ever-present B52s in their prime. The entire concert was captured on what appeared to be Black and White 16mm film. Hardcore fans have already seen this. The typical fan may not have. I can’t think of … Continue reading
“Too Much Stuff” by The Great Luke Ski - We’ve been cleaning and de-cluttering here at the FunHouse for a week or so now. I got the garage floors swept and washed. We got a free used refrigerator installed in there yesterday. I got tables set up with crap … Continue reading
“Stonks Only Go Up” by Devo Spice - Have you been experiencing pain lately when loigging into your Crypto Wallet or 401K dashboard? It may help to know that you don’t actually loose anything until the act of selling. If that doesn’t make you feel better maybe this … Continue reading
“Money For Nothing / Beverly Hillbillies” by Weird Al Yankovic (from UHF) - May 15th is International Family Day. It was founded by the United Nations in 1994. What better way to mark the occasion then with a song about the Beverly Hillbillies? The poorest and most rural family imaginable becomes fabulously wealthy … Continue reading
“The Lovecats” by Melody Mendis (originally by The Cure) - Another Saturday, another Caturday. Here we have a lovely jazz-pop rendition of a gothic new wave hit for The Cure. I love this version by Melody Mendis and we play it all the time on FunHouse Radio. The album that … Continue reading
“It’s Hard Out Here For A Temp” by Insane Ian featuring Carrie Dahlby - Do you have a steady job? Are you sure? Aren’t we all temps? Aren’t we all disposable? This writer has worked so many different jobs in his adult life that it’s not even funny. It sucked most of the time. … Continue reading
“All You Can Eat” by The Fat Boys (from Krush Groove) - Is this another example of Mandela Effect? When I was a kid, nobody ever referred to this group as Fat Boys. It was always The Fat Boys. What Gives? But seriously, today is National Eat What You Want Day and … Continue reading
“The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum” by The Fun Boy Three - It’s hard to write about this one because the lyrics say it all. Let’s face it. Well meaning people around the world are currently being manipulated by lunatics. The phrase is thought to originate in a 1919 remark by Richard … Continue reading
“Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft” by The Carpenters - A Canadian Progressive Rock band called Klaatu first recorded this song back in 1976. The band had named themselves after the alien visitor from the classic science fiction film The Day the Earth Stood Still. “The idea for this track … Continue reading
“Framed” by Cheech & Chong - Today is Cinco De Mayo. Despite being Mexican in origin, the occasion is celebrated mostly in the United States. It’s become something like a Mexican St Patrick’s day. Just like St Patrick’s Day, you get to drink alcohol while trying … Continue reading
“Seagulls! (Stop It Now)” by Bad Lip Reading - Attention über-dorks! It’s finally here! Every May 4th, we celebrate Star Wars Day. May The FORTH be with you! The day has been observed unofficially since the 80s, but in 2011, a group of fans in Toronto held the first … Continue reading
“Build The Bridge” by Deee-Lite - This song is great for meditation. It also has the feeling of being out in nature. There are no vocals outside of a few animal call sounds. This track is essentially instrumental. There is a lot of stereo movement. It … Continue reading
“Savoy Truffle” by The Beatles (George Harrison) - “National Truffle Day is celebrated annually on May 2. A dictionary search of the word ‘truffle’ may bring up a subterranean fungus, but that isn’t what we’re celebrating. Right now, we are honoring the great truffle — a beloved chocolate … Continue reading
“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” by Sweet Brown - It’s been exactly 10 years since Sweet Brown, an Oklahoma City resident, became an internet sensation. People found her appearance on a news report to be endearing and entertaining. She was interviewed by a local TV station after evacuating her … Continue reading
“My Many Smells” by the Dead Milkmen - A ridiculous number of National Days are all being observed concurrently today. Spending an hour on each of them would eat up your entire day! Buckle up, here we go! Internationally it’s Jazz Day. In the USA, we’ve got National … Continue reading
“Friday” by Bart Baker - It’s Friday and even if you are not a slut, maybe have a solo session. You’ve earned it. Literally everyone loves to hate the song “Friday” by Rebecca Black. People hate it so much that the poor young lady has … Continue reading
“Batdance” by Prince - Today is National Super Hero Day! Caped crusaders, masked vigilantes, mutants, guardians, and immortal gods are all celebrated on National Superhero Day. The folks at Marvel created this yearly celebration back in 1995. Supervillains are not included. If you are … Continue reading
“Children’s Story” by Slick Rick - This is a classic hip-hop track that I listened to as a kid back in the day. The idea that this is a story for children is a bit tongue in check. This is not Mother Goose. Kids living in … Continue reading
“Surfin’ Bird” by The Radioactive Chickenheads - John James Audubon was a French-American ornithologist, naturalist, and painter. He is remembered for his extensive studies of American birds. He made detailed illustrations of birds in natural habitats. Audubon’s The Birds of America is considered by many to be … Continue reading
“Vienna Calling” by Falco - When is the last time you got on the telephone and made a voice call to someone other than your parents or grandparents? When is the last time you called your best friend? According to this 2018 op/ed, it’s time … Continue reading
“Pets” by Porno For Pyros, LIVE on Howard Stern - The last Sunday in April is National Pet Parent’s Day. Do you have any pets? Do you consider them a member of the family? What if you were the pet? What if an Extra-terrestrial being with a higher intelligence decided … Continue reading
“Miau Miau” by Stereo Total on The Network Awesome Show - How is it that we first hear a woman speaking English with a thick French accent and then she starts singing in perfect German? Stereo Total were a duo from Berlin. Françoise Cactus was raised in France before relocating to … Continue reading
“TANG (Never Went To The Moon)” by Jimi James - It’s hard to find something funny to be the song of the day for Earth Day, but I think we’ve got it! Jimi James is a Flat-earther. This video is designed to convince the public that The Earth is flat. … Continue reading
“Bananaphone” by Raffi - Yes, you can buy a telephone that is in the shape of a banana. A quick google search reveals dozens of devices, covers and props. Today is National Banana Day. We all love them here at FunHouse Radio. As a … Continue reading
“Walk The Dinosaur” by Was (Not) Was - April 18 is National Velociraptor Awareness Day! The first velociraptor fossil was found in 1923. That’s not that long ago! It seems fairly odd to me that people had no awareness of the Tyrannosaurus until the Roaring Twenties. The Dinosaur … Continue reading
“Do The Funky Chicken” by Rufus Thomas - For real though, Rufas Thomas is the man and the legend. Here is a 1977 live performance of his hit song, “Do The Funky Chicken”. FHR Wishes Everyone A Happy Easter!
“Black Magic Woman” by Santana, Live in Concert 1970 - The song “Black Magic Woman” was made famous by Carlos Santana. It first appeared as a single and then on Santana’s 1970 album Abraxas. Any number of greatest hits compilations feature the song. This performance was occurred while the song … Continue reading
“Boris, The Spider” by The Who - This classic track by The Who was not intended to be specifically for Halloween celebration, but in the last two decades, it has been subsumed into the ever growing Halloween music repertoire. Also, did you know that most spiders people … Continue reading