“Boa Constrictor” by Johnny Cash

What better song to listen to on World Snake Day? “Boa Constrictor” was written by Shel Silverstein.

Johhny Cash covered the song for his comedy album Everybody Loves A Nut in 1966.

The lyrics later appeared in a collection of poems, lyrics and stories called Where The Sidewalk Ends. first published in 1974.

I had this book myself as a child as well as the sequel, A Light In The Attic. I recommend booth books to any kid age 5-12. There is also a musical record to go with the first book.

courtesy of laut.de

“Fashion” by David Bowie

It was 1980. This video is really more of a music film. The music video had not yet been invented. You can see the production value is not up to the level of the music videos that came out only a few years later. MTV was still on the horizon.

“Fashion” was a glam-rock touchstone. It appeared on Bowie’s Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) album, which featured the singles “Ashes To Ashes”, “Fashion”, “Scary Monsters” and “Up The Hill Backwards”. The track now appears on various greatest hits compilations such as ChangesBowie2.

David Bowie loved fashion but he was also critical of the concept. Fashion is a paradox. To be the most fashionable you must appear unimpressed even if you are thrilled. Look at the facial expressions made by models as they prance the runway. They always look angry and/or annoyed.

You might be less than impressed to learn that today is Fashion Day. It’s a trendy new observance, so you may not have heard of it. Look to FunHouse Radio to keep you in the know.

45rpm 7inch single, courtesy of discogs

“White Rabbit (Go Ask Alice)” by Jefferson Airplane, “live” on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

July 4th is Alice In Wonderland Day. The occasion is celebrated by Lewis Caroll fans around the world, but especially in England. Why July 4? According to his diary, July 4th 1862 was the day he started telling his rabbit-hole stories to Alice Liddell and her sisters.

This Acid-Rock classic is all about Carol’s famous novel.

From what I can tell, the vocals are live. In fact her performance is sublime. I think the music however is from the studio recording. The rest of the band is pantomiming. Things like this were common on 1960s TV.

Happy Lewis Carol Day. Follow the White Rabbit!

Courtesy of The British Library

-Wacky Alex

“Call Any Vegetable” by Frank Zappa And The Mothers of Invention

Today is National Eat Your Vegetables Day. Don’t let us down! I just had some carrots. Let Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention inspire you to eat a more healthy diet while they feed your head.

Zappa explained the meaning behind the song in Absolutely Free: The Complete Libretto:

“The best clue to this song might lie in the fact that people who are inactive in a society … people who do not live up to their responsibilities are vegetables. I feel that these people, even if they are inactive, apathetic or unconcerned at this point, can be motivated toward a more useful sort of existence. I believe that if you call any vegetable it will respond to you.”

So go eat a salad or prepare a veggie plate. Something. JEEZ.

-Wacky Alex

“Feelin’ Groovy” by Liberace And The Young Folk on The Red Skelton Hour 1968

“This is a perfect example of how network television was totally out of touch with what was going on in the 60’s and early 70’s.” -Dane F

“This is how the generation gap ended. All the kids loved hanging out with their parents after this aired, and Jack Webb opened an insurance business with Timothy Leary.” -Rudy S

“…For my birthday in 1969, I received a bike that had a white seat with groovy flowers just like those on the piano.” -Trisha D

“I read that they toured at Leningrad Stadium and sang for Kruschev. It nearly started WW3 when he choked on his vodka and the Politburo took it as an American plot to assassinate him.” -roblindsay101

Wait. WHAT? These are all from the comment section on YouTube.

In my opinion, this bit of footage is so bad that it’s good. It’s like watching a train-wreck but with all the cars painted up in groovy color patterns. Far out man.

If you can find something musical on youtube that is so bad that it’s good, please let us know in the comments!

“Istanbul (not Constantinople)” by They Might Be Giants

Hooray!! It’s National Falafel Day! Nearly every Turkish restaurant (outside of Türkiye) offers this delicious fried chic-pea dish. Conversely, people living in Türkiye do not frequently consume the dish. It’s not really a Turkish food. Unlike in The Middle East, Falafel is not served as street food in The Republic.

The City of Istanbul was once called Constantinople. Türkiye was formerly known as Turkey. Now it’s Türkiye not Turkey. Why did Turkey get the works?

The version by They Might Be Giants appeared on the album Flood which was released in 1990. It also appeared in an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.

The song was first made famous in 1953 by The Four Lads.

The most recognizable landmark in The City of Istanbul would be the Haga Sofia. Below is a photo I found from “7 Interesting Facts About Haga Sofia“. First it was a Church then a Mosque. Then it became a Museum and then a Mosque again. They switch things up a lot.

Hagia Sophia domes and minarets in the old town of Istanbul, Turkey, on sunset

What food do you eat that has been wrongly lumped in with a certain culture’s cuisine? Tell us about it in the comments.

-Wacky Alex

Ten Songs About Chickens (Arranged In Pecking Order)

I asked Carrot Topp from Radioactive Chicken Heads if he wanted to help create this blog. He is certainly an expert in Chicken Music. Between the two of us, we found ten good to great songs and arranged them in our preferred order of greatness.

“The Song Of The One Legged Chicken” by Tom T Hall

“Chicken Walk” by Hasil Adkins

“Chicken” by The Cramps

“Know Your Chicken” by Chibo Mato

“Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens” by Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five

“Magic Chicken!” by The Aquabats!

“The Chicken In Black” by Johnny Cash

“Chick Chick” by Wang Rong Rollin

“The Funky Chicken” by Rufus Thomas

“Chicken Squawk” by MDC
Super Chicken Theme Song
“Chicken Fat” by Robert Preston
“Teenage Mutant Kung Fu Chickens” by Ray Stevens
“Chicken Strut” by The Meters
“Run Chicken Run” by Link Wray

“Psycho-Chicken” by The Fools

Here is the video, but it has a lot of hiss from the VHS tape.

“Cluck At The Moon (I Was A Teenage Werechicken)” by Radioactive Chicken Heads

Don’t get your feathers in a bunch if these songs were not in the order you would put them in. Cluck about it in the comments instead.

-Wacky Alex /w Carrot Topp

“Quiche Lorraine” by The B-52s Live at The Capitol Theater Passaic New Jersey 1980

Here we have the ever-present B52s in their prime. The entire concert was captured on what appeared to be Black and White 16mm film. Hardcore fans have already seen this. The typical fan may not have. I can’t think of better way to celebrate National Quiche Lorraine Day, which is today!

The song appeared on their second major label release, Wild Planet.

I got a chance to see them a few years ago. They had a kick ass back up band. The three remaining members Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson, Cindy Wilson held down the vocals like they were still in their 30s. It was like a celebration.

Sadly they are on their farewell tour now. If you get a chance to see them this year, take it.

-Wacky Alex